Ride Trempealeau County


Bicycling magazine called Trempealeau County, Wisc., “cycling nirvana” and the “perfect getaway.” The New York Times called the Trempealeau County countryside, “Pastoral and hilly, studded with rock-topped bluffs and cut deep by ravines,” and noted the bucolic surroundings, adding, “We climbed switchback hills, lanes twisting up and up, then rode on plateaus past silos, turkey sheds and farmers on tractors, silhouetted in dust and blue sky. The bluffs of the Mississippi were hazy and blue and far away.” Sound like somewhere you’d like to ride? Trempealeau County is bordered by the Mississippi, Black and Trempealeau rivers, between La Crosse and Eau Claire, Wisc. Lightly trafficked paved roads wind from bottom land, through rolling farm fields, up steep bluffs, and atop ridges. Casual riders can find plenty of gentle routes, but Trempealeau and neighboring Buffalo counties are known for climbs so challenging that cyclists use them to train for trips to Europe or the Rockies. So come ride Trempealeau County and find out what those of us who live here already know: It’s bicycling paradise.

Coming up: June 1: June Dairy Days (West Salem), June 14: Minds in Motion (Onalaska), June 14: Menomonie Gran Fondo, June 21: Top of the World Bike Tour (Whitehall), June 28: Brice Prairie Time Trials, June 29: Y30 Road Race (Holmen), July 12: Catfish Days (Trempealeau), July 19: Trempealeau Traverse.