We discussed many things tonight at our meeting. Among the many things we spoke about today we set out an agenda for the priorities of the association. John Kulig discussed the formalization of the Tremepealeau Trails Bicycle Association as a legal entity, electing officers, and setting regular meetings. We focused on how the grant money is to be distributed, which we can't find out until after the grant committee meets in a couple weeks.

The signage project was elected as the most important next step (we received a grant for $30,000 to put up signs along all of our 500 miles of loops) and Ken McAdams and I volunteered to assist in putting up signs. Walter Ordway, the inventor of the Trails, was at the meeting and expressed the need for some branding for the signs, to which I have included along with this post a drawing Walter and I came up with after the meeting as a potential logo.

The brochures with the updated maps, Ann, from the Land Records Office, redid the county map and updated each individual loop for us and we also altered two of the loops to accomadate new traffic patterns and created 1 new loop. Uploading the updated maps to the website will happen once the maps have been gone over when we are putting up signs. We discussed the problem we encountered exporting our county maps to GPX format and the need to purchase some needed software to allow us to more easily upload the loops to other groups' websites.

Mountain bike and fat tire bike trails (we received $30,000 to create a trail system); we do not at this time have a specific location selected but I had maps of all of the public and county owned lands to look at and discuss. Kevin Miller, from Green Heron Bike shop in Trempealeau, informed us about his involvement in gaining access into Perrot State Park for fat tire bikers during the winter months and he is also donating a custom made trail groomer to the park. I spoke about my interest in fat tire biking as the next main focus for the group as it can potentially gain Trempealeau County much needed winter tourism dollars.

Upcoming rides for next year; we discussed our priorities to the events that have events tied to them and the need for the rack-cards to get printed with all of the rides listed on them.

Carolyn Devorak was there as our regional director for the Wisconsin Bike Federation and asked how she could assist us and informed us that there is a graphic designer looking for some volunteer work and will also look into a contact management software system for us to use.

Ron Mckernan spoke about how he really appreciated the bicycle association continuing to evolve and carrying on. So with that said I'll keep on keeping on and let you all know as it happens.

--Travis Mossman

P.S. For those of you who might want to get involved in what I consider the most exciting project in our area; the next meeting is scheduled on Tuesday 11/11 at 6:00pm at the Sweet Temptations Coffee Shop in Whitehall.

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